Tuesday, 12 February 2013





So I had a big bit of boy trouble myself... It involved me fancying my new flat mate a lot.  We hit it off really well...too well he seemed to have no one else so i got close to him. I got mixed signals, I was super nice to him, we would spend 24/7 with each other, he then found another girl... he started seeing this other girl constantly, he would be gone for days straight, he wouldn't say anything to us about it and we would worry... he didn't see what the problem was until i started ignoring him like he had done to me, he basically forced me to find new people to hang around with constantly as he was gone constantly... so i did i started finding new people, amazing people who i wish i spent more time with in the first place.  We finally confronted each other about it, he was an idiot and didn't realize as per because men are fucking blind! but apologized so with help from my new found friends i got over him accepted that he had found a girl he could be with and left him to it, now today he is in a huff with me because i am not acting the same that i used to, im starting to just feel like he is my friend, as most of my close friends are boys  i treat them like i would my brother, we have banter, i call them names they call me them back. so in the past couple of weeks, ive started doing this with him... and now he does not like it... how can i go back to how we were when i don't want to be how we were because im so devastated that i basically got used and now he has her i feel like he does not need me... so i have banter with him, no more flanter.  it really messes my head up how he is! and gets on my tits! i wish i could just tell him all this... but i feel like i cant because i would feel humiliated and just cringe at myself... but then i don't see how he hasnt worked it out!!! oh wait... coz hes fucking blind and oblivious to what is going on around him!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh MEN

I wish there was just one person at the moment that i could have all to myself.  :(

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Just went out

Damn it recon a shag could have been on the cards if I stayed a lil longer....

But I weren't drunk so may have been awks magee

Need one and all!

The lad weren't that amazing looking but then neither am I, he kind of reminded me of this one lad I bought back last semester but a bit taller, musclier, and a lil bit uglier...

Hmmm I desperately need a seeing to!

Anyone fancying bending me over!? haha

My Day

Okay so its AUSTRALIA day whooppp whooppp, wish I was actually in fucking Australia instead of Cuntentry (Coventry) but instead i went to the gym for 30 mins and then in the sauna and steam room mmmmmmm me love the steam room!! Apart from today! 

I got in, there were 5 old old men and 3 black men, this is fine... I felt a tad out of place but no one could see me and I was as relaxed as a floppy willy.  So I sit down and get comfy, two of the old old men start to talk about cheese really loudly saying how good his Stilton was and how he knows so and so who makes his own and Dave in the market who is retired now but he still can imagine there every time he visits the market. It was the most annoying thing ever! So loud and so stupid! Then another man in the room starts to cough his guts up, literally coughing so much he spits in the drain in the center of the room, good job i weren't hung over or else I would have spewed all over him!! so the old old men all left and it was just the three black men, who then try to hit on me!! 'hey beautiful you alright!' In my head I was thinking UM NO, NO IM NOT ALRIGHT I CAME IN HERE TO CHILL THE FUCK OUT, I HAVE MAKE UP DOWN MY FACE IM COVERED IN SWEAT, AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE THROUGH ALL THE STEAM! I soon left the room... 

I planned on being productive today but i ended up watching two films instead haha whooppsss

will post again tonight ;) 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Story #1

Okay so I will start with my friends, in particular one friend.

There once was a girl, 5 months ago, who fell deeply and madly in love with an older man, who was 13 years older than her... she is 22 so I guess he aint that old but still when she 40 he be 53... when she were 10 he were 23...yea get me! 

He would spoil her insanely, take her for meals all the time, buy her gifts nearly every week.  She started to get podgy and had nice shit... they would see each other all the time, he was introduced to her parents and vise versa. He started to get controlling and take over every now and then when things didn't need taking over. He would suggest stupid things when he shouldn't be suggesting things.

Before him she had a boy, he was the best boy ever, myself personally fancied him a while ago, and whilst i was away, she got with him.  I was devastated but she was happy and that is all i cared for as prior to that relationship she was in an abusive relationship, where I, yes ME and only Me stepped in, even though i was out of the country 6000 miles away i got hold of her mum and said 'I don't care if she hates me after this, but you need to get her out of the city and back home away from him.' Luckily she did and never went back to him.  

All I want for her is to be happy.... any way back to the story....

They started bickering and arguing over stupid things.  As you can probably tell she is not the type of girl to have long term relationships.  About a week ago I think she had enough of him, along with university, student teacher placement, a poorly new born nephew and taking care of her other nieces and nephews she just had enough of having to please him all the time.  When all she needed to do in her spare time is fuck all and all he wanted to do in her spare time was fuck.... with each other not fulfilling there needs then it has turned into a messy split up, the only thing is, she is a fucking wuss and is not finishing it in the proper way, I feel she is messing with his and her mind, she slept with him again when they were spit, she keeps sending him nice texts, when she shouldn't be sending ANY! she agrees to go over his and stay, then goes against her word... its all a mess.  Today I told her to grow a pair.  He has been messaging her saying how the break up has made him so stressed and now hes on anti depressant and consulting with a hypnotherapist   All I say is he definatly isn't acting like a 35 year old, more like a fucking 10 year old... so pathetic! 

So this is the story now.... he wont get the picture that she doesn't want him any more and he is trying to keep it together by pittying he back... urghhh 

and im the person she and HE turns to for advise! They need to fucking do one and focus on each other that's what I say....

Story #2 will be up tomorrow 

Have a good night y'all   

and check out Triple J if ya reading this RIGHT NOW!


So much on my mind so i made a blog!

I have been having issues recently when it comes to things like love... and sex... and love... and life and its all in my head and is needing to come out, so I though what better way than to put it all on an Internet page for the whole fucking world to read... Logical hey.

So I have many stories that I need to catch you up on... They will begin in the next post, I promise, I have plenty and you will defiantly not be bored!!!

My life is pretty amazing. But its the small things that you really think about the most and the big things just don't make up for it sometimes!