Saturday, 26 January 2013

My Day

Okay so its AUSTRALIA day whooppp whooppp, wish I was actually in fucking Australia instead of Cuntentry (Coventry) but instead i went to the gym for 30 mins and then in the sauna and steam room mmmmmmm me love the steam room!! Apart from today! 

I got in, there were 5 old old men and 3 black men, this is fine... I felt a tad out of place but no one could see me and I was as relaxed as a floppy willy.  So I sit down and get comfy, two of the old old men start to talk about cheese really loudly saying how good his Stilton was and how he knows so and so who makes his own and Dave in the market who is retired now but he still can imagine there every time he visits the market. It was the most annoying thing ever! So loud and so stupid! Then another man in the room starts to cough his guts up, literally coughing so much he spits in the drain in the center of the room, good job i weren't hung over or else I would have spewed all over him!! so the old old men all left and it was just the three black men, who then try to hit on me!! 'hey beautiful you alright!' In my head I was thinking UM NO, NO IM NOT ALRIGHT I CAME IN HERE TO CHILL THE FUCK OUT, I HAVE MAKE UP DOWN MY FACE IM COVERED IN SWEAT, AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE THROUGH ALL THE STEAM! I soon left the room... 

I planned on being productive today but i ended up watching two films instead haha whooppsss

will post again tonight ;) 

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