Friday, 25 January 2013

Story #1

Okay so I will start with my friends, in particular one friend.

There once was a girl, 5 months ago, who fell deeply and madly in love with an older man, who was 13 years older than her... she is 22 so I guess he aint that old but still when she 40 he be 53... when she were 10 he were 23...yea get me! 

He would spoil her insanely, take her for meals all the time, buy her gifts nearly every week.  She started to get podgy and had nice shit... they would see each other all the time, he was introduced to her parents and vise versa. He started to get controlling and take over every now and then when things didn't need taking over. He would suggest stupid things when he shouldn't be suggesting things.

Before him she had a boy, he was the best boy ever, myself personally fancied him a while ago, and whilst i was away, she got with him.  I was devastated but she was happy and that is all i cared for as prior to that relationship she was in an abusive relationship, where I, yes ME and only Me stepped in, even though i was out of the country 6000 miles away i got hold of her mum and said 'I don't care if she hates me after this, but you need to get her out of the city and back home away from him.' Luckily she did and never went back to him.  

All I want for her is to be happy.... any way back to the story....

They started bickering and arguing over stupid things.  As you can probably tell she is not the type of girl to have long term relationships.  About a week ago I think she had enough of him, along with university, student teacher placement, a poorly new born nephew and taking care of her other nieces and nephews she just had enough of having to please him all the time.  When all she needed to do in her spare time is fuck all and all he wanted to do in her spare time was fuck.... with each other not fulfilling there needs then it has turned into a messy split up, the only thing is, she is a fucking wuss and is not finishing it in the proper way, I feel she is messing with his and her mind, she slept with him again when they were spit, she keeps sending him nice texts, when she shouldn't be sending ANY! she agrees to go over his and stay, then goes against her word... its all a mess.  Today I told her to grow a pair.  He has been messaging her saying how the break up has made him so stressed and now hes on anti depressant and consulting with a hypnotherapist   All I say is he definatly isn't acting like a 35 year old, more like a fucking 10 year old... so pathetic! 

So this is the story now.... he wont get the picture that she doesn't want him any more and he is trying to keep it together by pittying he back... urghhh 

and im the person she and HE turns to for advise! They need to fucking do one and focus on each other that's what I say....

Story #2 will be up tomorrow 

Have a good night y'all   

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